Journaling action for LCP + Day One.


dayone://post?entry={{ |Daily Reflection|| |:---|:---| |Thankful|[prompt:What am I thankful for right now?]| |Mood|[list:How am I feeling right now?|Happy|Content|Satisfied|Determined|Frustrated|Angry|Sad]| |Wake Time|[prompt:What time did I get up this AM?]| |Sleep|[list:How much sleep did I get?|6 hours|6.5 hours|7 hours|7.5 hours|8 hours|8.5 hours|9 hours]| |Well Done|[prompt:What was my top accomplishment(s)?]| |Do Better|[prompt:What can I do better?]| |Learn/Read|[prompt:What did I learn/read today?]| |Exercise|[prompt:What did I do for exercise?]| |Fun|[prompt:What did I do for fun?]| |No|[prompt:What did I say "No" to?]| |Delegation|[prompt:What could I delegate to a VA?]| |Overall|[list:How'd I do overall today?|★☆☆☆☆|★★☆☆☆|★★★☆☆|★★★★☆|★★★★★]|}}
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