Dropbox Example

A few things are happening here:

  • We are using the built-in launchpro-email: to create a new email message
  • We set the to with a direct link to a text file. This text file simply contains a comma delimited list of email addresses. (We could do the same for cc and bcc.)
  • We set the subject with the contents of a text file as well
  • For the body, we wrapped our text with {{}} so it will be URL encoded. (You could instead manually URL encode the text, but that's ugly and hard to edit.) Because [dropbox] is inside our curly brackets, we use double brackets so the value doesn't get encoded twice. (You could also have moved [dropbox] just outside of the curly brackets.)
  • When this runs, you will noticed two quick progress alerts as it downloads the first two text files, and then you're greeted with the Dropbox browser to select the link for the body. As soon as you select that file, the email appears with all of the content populated.


launch://email?to=[dropbox-text:files/email-to.txt]&subject=[dropbox-text:files/email-subject-test.txt]&body={{Here is the daily sales report: [[dropbox]]}}
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