Simple Daily Summary

Based on Josiah Wiebe's Daily Summary action for LaunchCenter Pro. This version doesn't have tables and has a few more options under "Did I work today?"


dayone://post?entry=[prompt:Title]%0A%0A%5FDid%20I%20work%20today?%5F%20[list:Did you work today?|Yes|No|Sick Day|Vacation Day|Holiday]%0A%0A%5FI%20worked%20on%3A%5F%20[prompt: What did you work on?]%0A%0A%5FDid%20I%20relax?%5F%20[prompt:Did you relax?]%0A%0A%5FWhat%20I%20learned%3A%5F%20[prompt: What did you learn?]%0A%0A%5FOther%20Thoughts%3A%5F%20[prompt:Additional thoughts?]%0A
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